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Double Video Poker gives you 2 video poker games in 1. The top deck is the most common variation “Jacks or Better”. The bottom deck is “Joker Poker” with a wildcard Joker as the 53rd card in the deck.

The layout enables quick gameplay while avoiding extra button presses or long animations. To win simply tap the cards you want to Hold and then press Draw. Switch back and forth between “Jacks or Better” and “Joker Poker” whenever you want.

New in v1.1 update:

. 6 new achievements (total of 20)

. achievements are stored locally if the network is unavailable

. improved game center communications

. improved iOS4 multitasking

. options screen

Double Video Poker

How do I play?

  1. 1)Press Bet Max button

  2. 2)Tap each card you want to hold

  3. 3)Press Draw button

What are the payoffs?

How do I turn on the sound effects?

There are no sound effects in version 1.1. Sound effects and improved artwork will be coming soon in a free app update.

Is there a free version?

Double Video Poker Lite is coming soon. The game will be the same except with Game Center Achievements removed and iAds put in.

Where did you get the card images?



Design: Ian Leff

Programming: Ian Leff

Beta Testers: Christina Leff, Andrew Leff, Brandon Leff, Obie Leff, Audrey Leff

In my real job, I am a database application developer at www.infostatsystems.com. This app was built in my spare time in beautiful Yuba City, CA. Thanks for supporting indie games!


Need support? Have an idea for an improvement? Are you a game artist interested in collaborating?

www.twitter.com/ileff    leffsoft@gmail.com

(c) 2010 Ian Leff